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Need blacksmithing supplies? Be sure to go to ODBSA member John Elliott's Blacksmith Supply FIRST. Click on the following to see all that he has to offer: John Elliott's Blacksmith Supply

Want to learn this historic craft of Blacksmithing or improve your skill level? 

1. Take the free one day Beginner's Class offered by ODBSA . Must be an ODBSA member and attend at least two monthly Events before.     

2,  We are very lucky to have three schools that teach this craft in our area:
      A. Waynesboro,VA at Master Blacksmith/TeacherDale Morse's Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing. He has day classes, weekend classes, week classes and a certification program. Click on the following for more information : Dale Morse (Blksmiting Classes)  
      B. Floyd, VA at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts. They have many different instructors from all over that  teach there. Also some of our members teach or have taught there. They offer week-end classes, day classes and week classes. Make sure to tell them that you are an ODBSA member to get the 25% discount Click on the following for more information: Jacksonville Center for the Arts (Blk classes)
      C. Clifton Forge, VA at the Clifton Forge School of the Arts where member Glen Bryant teaches a day or week-end class. Max of 4. Click on the following for more information: Clifton Forge School of  the Arts.

3. Other ODBSA members who are professional Blacksmiths that offer some type of one day blacksmithing  class by appointment. 
        A. Rustburg, VA at Master Blacksmith/Teacher David Tucciarone's SunRise Forge. Click on the following for more information: David Tucciarone (Blksmithing Classes) --any level 
         B. Afton, VA at Professional Blacksmith/Teacher Gerald Bogg's Wayfarer Forge. Click on the following for more information: Gerald Boggs (Prof Blksmith)-- any level
         C. Moneta, VA (New) Jonathan Falls and Crist Lynch- beginner 

Need something hand-forged by a professsional Blacksmith who are also ODBSA members?
Here are some of ODBSA members  that work full time blacksmithig and that can do the job for you:
1. Waynesboro, VA: Fred Crist does a lot of high end work like inside stair railings for million dollar homes. He is also an artist that works in metal. www.facristmetalsmith.com/
2. Waynesboro, VA: Dale Morse does hand-forged almost anything in iron at his Clay Hill Forge including railings and gates for million dollar homes.
3. Afton:,VA: Gerald Boggs does hand forged work on a smaller scale like fire screens. www.wayfarerforge.com/
4. Stuarts Draft, VA: Jim Slinning does mainly historical hand-forge work for historical sites(like locks, hinges,etc) 704-539-5332
5. Seagrove, NC: Jerry Darnell has many things already hand-forge  in his studio for sale. He specializes in historical iron work:
6. Lexington, VA: Lee Sauder does all kind of hand-forge work. He is also an artist that works in metal. www.leesauder.com/
7. Rustburg, VA: David Tucciarone does all kind of historical hand-forge work http://www.storyandforge.com/sunrise%20forge%20bio.htm .

Other ODBSA members that are excellent blacksmiths that hand-forged items for the public on a part time basics:
1. Bedford, VA: L.T. Skinnell 540-297-5817

2. Clifton Forge: Glen Bryant (he can also fabicate what you need) 540-862-1558
3. Blue Ridge: Bryan Fritts 540-947-0262

Instructions on how to make hand-forged items:
1. www.youtube.com/ 
2. www.anvilfire.com/
3. http://www.blacksmithing.org/Articles/Find.aspx
4. http://www.iforgeiron.com
           a.  http://www.youtube.com/user/abanaorg?feature=results_main    

           The Bellows
1. A look at my Grand Bellows (1830-1850) Before & After:
      a. My first 12 days of notes with before photos (download). Click "Here"
      b. Click "Here" for Measurements with photos after everything was removed.
      c. How I put the leather on. Not ready yet
      d. Photos of my hanging the grand bellows. Click "Here"
      d. How I did the fulcrum system and pipe. Note ready yet
      e. My 1830's Grand Bellows Restoration Project --Part 1. Click "HERE"

 2. Here is another historic Grand Bellows that Bruce Dembling PhD, Senior Research Scientist (Retired) from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, VA, and an ODBSA member restored.
      a. Click "HERE" to read Bruce's "Restoring Vintage Blacksmith Bellows"
      b. Click "HERE" to see some 11 photos.