Old Dominion Blacksmith Association
Photo of Dale Morse at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing      
                       Serving South Central and Western Viriginia Blacksmiths     


"One of the primary reasons Old Dominion Blacksmith Association exist is to bring more people into this historic craft of Blacksmithing."                            Bobby Floyd (Pres.ODBSA)   

On this page you will find:

  • Military Veterans who are ODBSA members
  • Who are our members
  • Old Dominion Blacksmith Associations brochure
  • Application
  • Why let me know if you are planning on attending an Event 
  • Protocol for members/guests
  • ODBSA members classification 
  • Library Policies 
  • 2010, 2011, $2012  Finiancial Report 

Some of Old Dominion Blacksmith Association
Military Veterans:
        We would like to "salute" some of ODBSA members who served our country in the military. 
                                                Thank You! 

  1. Tom Harrell (Navy)
  2. L.T.Skinnell (Army))
  3. Bobby Floyd (Army)
  4. Ron Howard (Army)
  5. David Hinshaw (Navy)
  6. Earl Strain (Navy)
  7. Wendell Wyland (Air Force)
  8. Jimmy Blanks (Army)
  9. Jeremy Funderburk (Navy)
  10. Gerald Boggs (Army Retired)
  11. Sterling (Army) 
  12. John Riddle (Army)
  13. Norman McKensie (Coast Guard)
  14. Steve Ferguson (Army)
  15. Marshall Ecker (Army)
  16. Eric Pidcock (Army)
  17. Jonathan Falls (Army)
  18. Stephen Martin (Marine Corp)
  19. Bobby Ricketts (Navy)
  20. Mickey Surrett (Navy)
  21. Paul Henderson (Navy)
  22. James (Buck) Owen (Navy Retired)
  23. Jim Mizio (Army)
  24. Tony Gowen (Army Reserves)
  25. David Oates (Army Reserves)
  26. Chris Lynch (Army)
  27. Grant Johnson (Active duty Navy)
  28. Stephen Irby (Navy)
  29. Don Diggs (Army)
  30. David Wine (Air Force)
  31. Jeff Harman (Army)
  32. Jim Sutherland (Army)
  33. Dino Dunning (Army)
  34. Bert Weschke (Army)
  35. James Brady (Army)
  36. Travis McKenzie (Active duty Army)
  37. Daniel Matherly (Army)
  38. Brian Moore (Retired Army National Guard)
  39. Rust Singer (Navy)
  40. Zack Minnix (Marines)

Who are our members:  college students, high school students, engineers (of all kinds), machinists, welders, farmers, building contractors, school teachers, college professors, retired military, active military, clerks, laborers, carpenters, professional blacksmiths, game warren, computer professionals, social workers, purchasers, electric co employees, salesmen, doctors (1 general practice & 1 retired surgeon), buyers, managers, owners of different kinds of businesses, supervisors, firefighter, railroad worker, unemployed, manufacture workers, accountants, gas company employee,  insurance sales,  artists, farriers, postal workers, domestic engineers, few on disability, telephone co. employees and 3 attorneys (two of the last 4 new members have law degrees).  The largest single groups are engineers and business owners. (Nov. 2011) 

ODBSA Brochure (designed by ODBSA member Bill Roy) 
You can now print your own Old Dominion Blacksmith Association brochures. Just print and fold, and you will have your own brochures to pass out to friends, relatives and neighbors. If you do demonstrations for the public, you might want to print some to pass out to the public. The brochure looks better if you use at least # 24 gloss paper but it can be done on plain paper.
On the printer that I use, you just hit Print, then Properties, then Finishing (click on where it says both sides) then Ok). 
Go ahead and link in the .pdf file now---click "HERE"
Click "HERE" for ODBSA Application

 Please do not send in an application unless you want to become an  active member
 (attend some of our events)

Why let me know if you’re planning on attending an ODBSA Event or if you change your mind about attending?
1. If lunch and/or refreshments are provided, our host always needs to know how much food, drinks etc to have for us.
2. If we cancel an Event (bad weather, sickness etc), I can notify you of cancellation by telephone or e-mail the day before.
3. The people that tailgate like to come when we have larger attendance and they have asked me to let them know when this is happening and they will try to come.
4. Every host, even the ones not providing food, etc, always want to know how many to expect and I like to tell them at least by Thursday before the event on Saturday.
5. If we plan hands-on training, we can plan ahead.
6. If we have hands-on public demonstrations, we can plan ahead.
7. You can always attend an event if you did not tell me but as you can see it’s much better for everyone if you do tell me ahead of time.
8. Remember the sooner you let me know the better it is for everyone.

      Protocol for ODBSA members/guests at of our events:

  • First thing, when you arrive please go to the sign in table and register with our Administrator.
  • When you and your guest sign-in you are not only signing a waiver of liability but it lets us know who is there and if your intentions are to attend the next event. You will be given or you can pick up your nametag. At the sign-in table you can also purchase dvds of ODBSA past events/other events, coffee cups, beer mugs, hats, and t-shirts all of which are offered at ODBSA cost. Also at the table is the ODBSA membership application, ABANA applications etc. If we have admission fee,you will pay at this time. 
  • If we have an Iron -in-the-Hat raffle, go see our Treasurer at the Iron-in the-Hat table and
    give him/her your item/items that you want to donate. He/she will prepare a card that describes the item/items that you donated and place a cup (for the raffle tickets) next to your items/item.You can now purchase some tickets (for those that do not donate an item you must donate $10 and buy $10 of tickets. Everyone is required to buy $10 of tickets. Those wanting to buy more raffle tickets later on can come back after lunch and do so. ODBSA definitely encourage you to donate your personally made hand-forged item/items to the Iron-in the Hat.
  • After this you can wander over to our Library to see the VP in charge of the Library and check out a dvd or book. Remember that V.P. in charge of the Library wants them back no later that 3 months. You can also visit the Library table after lunch and at the end of the event. 
  • Now you can relax, get your coffee and pastries that's offered at each event. Yes, we do have a donation jar and the proceeds go to the person providing these refreshment.  All events start on time at 10:00 a.m. We ask that you try not to be late because this disrupts everything including the demonstrator. If you happen to be late: you must sign-in yourself, get your own name tag, keep and do not give the item/items that you brought for the iron-in-the hat until lunch time and do not go to the library table. All the officers handling these tables want o see the demonstrator. If you are continually late to our events, unless job related, we will ask that you not come back.
  • We normally have lunch at 12:00 pm. If our host provides lunch, there will be a fee or a donation jar (provided and the recommended donation for lunch is $7 and all monies go to our host).  After lunch you will be given more time to purchase raffle tickets if we have a raffle and check things out of the library. 
  • After everyone has finished buying tickets and checking things out of the library, the Iron-the-Hat
    raffle (if we have one) starts (this is somewhat flexible but usually starts a little
     after 1pm and it lasts about 15 minutes and then the demonstrator starts again).
  • All demonstrators are asked to continue until at least 3 pm. At most of our events they will
    continue on well after that. In fact at some events they did not finish until 5 pm.
  • At the end of the demonstration we sometimes auction off some of the items that the
    demonstrator has made during the day or items from previous demonstrations.
  • Glasses or goggles must be worn, especially, if the demonstrator is working with welding heat. Goggles are provided by ODBSA.  
  • There are three things that we ask of members/guests. Arrive early and if you have a
    conversation with someone else while the demonstration is going on make sure this does not disturb the demonstrator and enjoy “your” day. 


ODBSA Members Classifications:

  • Observer 
  • Novice (less than 10 hours blacksmith)
  • Apprentice( 1-10) some blacksmithing skills 
  • Journeyman (1-10) a lot of  blacksmithing skills
  • Master (1-10) most blacksmithing skills and /or profession is Blacksmithing.

 Library (Wendell Wyland in charge)

1) Only association members may check out library materials.
(2) Materials will be checked out for a period not to exceed three months. Returned materials may be checked out for an additional three months by returning member provided no other member wishes to check out the returned materials.
(3) The ODBSA Library will contain two types of material:a) Loaned: ODBSA members will allow the library to stock these materials for a specified period before the are returned to the loaning member. All loaned materials should have a return address label attached to the inside front cover. b) Donated: Materials given to the ODBSA Library wth no expectation of them being returned to the donor.  
(4) Materials may be check out "only" at  meeting/demonstration day. Returned material should be returned on meeting/demonstration day when due back. If you cannot attend meeting/demonstration when the item/itemsare due back, you should mail them back (your cost) to Wendell Wyland,147 Apple Way, Madison Heights, Virginia 24572.

2010 Annual Financial Report for Old Dominion Blacksmith Association.

Carry over from 2009                                                                          $926.51                       
Admission Fee  (8 of 11events we paid)                                             2385.00                      
Auctions                                                                                                 524.00                       
50/50 raffle                                                                                           108.00                        
Other raffles                                                                                          181.00                       
Paid us to demonstrate                                                                         150.00                       
Demonstrators plus material   (8 were paid )                                  $2600.00                       
Liability Insurance for one year                                                           431.00                       
Computer Web site for 2 years                                                             207.84                       
Others (stamps, books, ink-paper, porta potty, earplugs,                                                     
    donation to SPCA for Jay Abboud, water, name tags, etc.)             487.48                        
Amount on hand for the start of next year 2011          $548.19

* ODBSA 2011 Income & Expenses Report
Carry over from 2010-----------------------$548.00
Admission Fee & Income from demonstrations:
1.    Jan.-------------------------------------0                            (Event cancelled due to weather)
2.    Feb.------------------------------------405.00
3.    March----------------------------------255.00
4.    April------------------------------------315.00
5.    May-------------------------------------150.00
6.    June-----------------------------------240.00
7.    July------------------------------------ 0                            ($20 hands-on  class fee went to the Instructor)
8.    Aug-------------------------------------0                           ($20 hands-on class fee went to the Instructor)
9.    Sept------------------------------------180.00
10.  Oct.-------------------------------------300.00                  Appomattox 2 day demonstration by ODBSA

11.   Nov.------------------------------------315.00
50/50 Raffle:
1.    Feb.----------------------------------  23.00
2.    March---------------------------------27.00
3.    April-----------------------------------15.00
4.    May------------------------------------15.00
5.    June-----------------------------------20.00
1.    Fork------------------------------------80.00
2.    Candle Holder--------------------- -140.00
Glen Bryant’s Iron –in-hat----------------70.00
Profit from coal sale----------------------110.00
Demonstrators, material & use of forges:
1.    March-------------------331.00
2.    April---------------------325.00
3.    May----------------------300.00
4.    June---------------------325.00
5.    Nov.--------------------  355.00

1.    Postage & ink---------105.00
2.    Books-------------------106.00
3.    Coal for ODBSA------120.00
4.    Hat/t-shirts-------------319.00
5.    Insurance--------------431.00
Balance in bank & cash (Dec.31st 2011)----------------------$711.00

* End of year Budget for 2012:
Each months Event is not counting the income from hat/t-shirt or dvds of iron making or the sell of DVDs of past Events that goes to Wendell for more books for our Library.
January-----minus $54.00
February----plus $273.00
March--------minus $40.00 (All income was given to Kaylin’s Fund $390.00)
April---------- 0
May---------- plus $95.00
June--------- plus $245.00
July---------- plus $20.00
August------- 0
September -plus $130.50
October ---- plus $300.00
November-- minus $110.00

(Carry over from 2011 (bank account $454.00 & cash $168.00) $622.00
1. Admission fees or iron-in-the-hat raffle: $1931.00
2. 50/50 raffles: $158.00
3. Auctions: $452.50
4. Sale of hats/t-shirts (21) and dvds (10)of iron making: $381.00
5. Group demo in Oct. $300.00
Total Income & cash/bank account on hand:                                                  = $3844.50

1. Demonstrators fees $1840.00

2. Hat/t-shirts $348.00
3. DVDs of iron making---$154.00
4. Ink for computer $61.94
5. Lunch $40.00
6. Hats for demonstrators and others (4) $48.00
7. Book for library $15.00
8. Material $20.00
9. Insurance $425.00

10. Web site $192.43
Total Expenses                                                          = $3144.37

1. Hats (10) & T-shirts (22)in stock value-- $384.00
2. Checking account (Nov 14) --------------    $86.57
3. Cash on hand (Nov 14) -----------             $229.56
= $700.13
                                                                                                          Total = $3844.50
Note: The Event in March. at Fred’s studio nothing was counted because all admission fee, 50/50 raffle and auctions went to Kaylin’s Fund for a total of $390.00 for the day and the demonstrator(330.00) was paid by Blacksmith Supply (John Elliott). Also another auction not counted was in Sept where we raised $288.00 for the Kaylin Fund. All hats/t-shirts and dvds of iron making were sold at our cost.


* ODBSA Budget Jan. 20th, 2013:
Carryover from 2012( checking accournt=$86.57 & cash=$229.56) = $316.13
Admission fee = $285.00
50/50 Raffel = 45.00
Total Income = $330.00
Total = $646.13

Demonstraator = $200.00
Lunch for demonstrator & wife = $20.00
Total Expenses = $220.00
Total Money on Hand (checking account = $86.57 & cash = $340.00) = $426.13