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                  ODBSA members that have done  
            Public Demonstrations

 Need a Public Blacksmith Demonstrator?

This page was designed to help you find one!

      To recognize ODBSA members who are fulfilling  one of our 
objectives "sharing what we know about this craft"!

The following Old Dominion Blacksmith Association members have done and are
doing demonstrations for the public (craft shows, tractor events, engine shows, horse
shows, historical sites, reenactments, schools, fairs, festivals, etc) in Virginia, West
Virginia and North Carolina. The majority of these Blacksmith Demonstrators live in
South Central Virginia. Some have portable forges and equipment to bring to your event,
others do not.

If you contract with a Professional Blacksmith from this list, please note that most require a
fee for his/her knowledge and service to do your event. For a professional Blacksmith to bring his equipment to demo at one of your Events, it is suggested to offer them at least $200.00 a day.

Please contact them directly and not thought this Web Site. You may also contact any that do
custom orders if you want something hand-forged by an Artist Blacksmith from the Old
Dominion Blacksmith Association. 

NEW:  If you do not have the time to contact the following demonstrators yourself, please let me know what you want and I will post the information on this Web Site under Current News to help you find one. 

Note: This is for those looking for a blacksmith to participate in their event. Most of the time these
Smiths do not make enough money from sale of their wares to cover their expenses to participate
in your event even though most all are offer free vendor participation. It's a lot of work to prepare for
these occasions like loading and unloading some heavy equipment. So why do they do it? There
are a variety of reasons like: showcase their skills, to help your cause, sell some hand-made items
and maybe get some orders, but mainly to teach the public something about this nearly extinct craft.
I have found, if advertised properly, a blacksmith demonstration at any event draws more people
and interest than any other craft. 
                                                                                                                          Bobby Floyd (Pres.ODBSA)

                                                    "HONOR ROLL"
                         Fifty one (20 with portable forges)
                 Demonstrators from ODBSA:

Bill Mauser
2758 Red Hill RD
Big Island, VA 24526

Bill has done a lot of public demonstrations in 2014 & 2015. Like the Point of Honor in Lynchburg, VA; a couple of events at Sedelia Center, Bedford Fair, Historic Day in Amherst, plus many others

Ed Meadows                               
586Bessemer Ln.
Eagle Rock, VA

1. Did a public demonstration near Clifton Forge, VA (2012)

Bobby Moose
6554 Hudson Chapel Road
Catawba, NC

1. Foothills Power Association 9th Annual Antique Power show at Hickory NC (2012)

Robin, Tom, David  and Brian Loftus                                    Portable forge 
                                                      1669 Kenmore Rd.
                                                      Amherst, VA 24521

1. Clover Hill Village near Appomattox 2012
2. Brian did Sweet Briar College

Portable Forge

David Wine
5202 Andersonville Rd
Dillwyn, VA 23936

1. Open house for the Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox 2012
2. Clover Hill Village near Appomattox 2012
3. Batteau Festival in Lynchburg, VA 2012

Donald Diggs
167 Randolph St.
Madison Heights, VA 24572

1. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2011

                                                                                                           Bobby Ricketts
                                                                                                          110 Jameswood Dr
                                                                                                          Forest, VA 24551

                                                                                        1. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2010 & 2011


                                             Steven Irby
                                             13348 Franklin Trpk
                                             Dry Fork, VA 24549

   1. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2011
                                                              Joseph Irby

13348 Franklin Trpk
                                                              Dry Fork, VA 24549 

                         1. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2011

                                                                                     Jim Elliott
                                                                                     P. O. Box 222
                                                                                     Pilot, VA 24138

                           1. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2011

                                                  Eric Pidcock
                                                  179 Oakdale Drive
                                                  Boones Mill, VA 24065

                               1. Radford Festival 2011

                                                                                              James (Buck) Owen
                                                                                              3209 Wildway Rd
                                                                                              Appomattox, Va 24522

                                                    1. Buck has been the Master Blacksmith at Clover Hill Village near Appomattox for a very long time. He help build and donated most of the equipment in the shop.




                                                                        Portable Forge
                                                                    Norman Mckenzie
                                                                    147 Abes Way
                                                                    Rustburg, VA 24588

1. Appomattox Railroad Festival (2010 &2011)
2. Clover Hill Village (2011 & 2012)
3. Poplar Forest July 4 (2014-15-16-17-18)
4. Point of Honor (2017-18)
5. Batteau Festival ( 2015-16-17)
6. Batteau Day Amherst (2016-17)
7. Hurt Elementary School (2016)
8 Colonial Days, Amherst (2016-17-18)
9. Appomattox Re-enactment (2014-15-16-17)


                                                                     Portable Fortge
                                                                   Michael Armes
                                                                   1040 Angle Plantation RD
                                                                   Rocky Mount, VA 24151
1. Mountain Heritage Festival, Sparta, NC

2. Appomattox Railroad Festival (2010 & 2011)
3.Clover Hill Village (2011)


                                     Portable Forge
                                                   White Squirrel Forge
                                                   David Hinshaw
1938 Blair Loop Rd
                                                   Danville, VA 24541
                                                   (Custom Orders No)

 1. David will demo in Rocky Mount ,VA on Oct.3rh at the Farmer's Festival 
 2. Appomattox Farm Festival  on Sat. Oct 10th 

                                                                                                                       Portable Forge
                                            Charlie Hudson                               
332 Woodman Rd
                                            Rocky Mount, VA 24151
1. Clover Hill Village
2. Rocky Mount Event

3. Mountain Hertage Festival, Sparta, NC

4. Appomattox Railroad (Festival 2010 and 2011)


                               Portable Forge
                                                   Glen Bryant
                                                   Clifton Forge,

                                                  Custom Orders (Yes)

Glen is the most active demonstrator of our group and with the most shows. He loves new black smithing challenges and he can do most anything with metal.

Teaches Metal Smithing at the Clifton Forge Center for the Arts.

Host the Hammer In at the Clifton Forge Center for the Arts Annually, in April.


                                                       Portable Forge
                                                   *Professional Blacksmith*
                                                   Sunrise Forge
David Tucciarone                 
                                      Rustburg, Virginia

                                                   Custom Orders (Yes)
     David is a full time Professional Master Blacksmith and he also teaches other Blacksmiths
at different well known Blacksmithing schools.
1. Avoca/Altavista/October
2. He has also demonstrated in the past at Thomas Jefferson's
Poplar Forest
Historic Home-July 4th      

        Portable Forge
                                          Plantation Forge
                                          Bobby Floyd
                                          Long Island, Virginia

                                                        Custom Orders (No)

     Bobby enjoys and specializes in period 19C and before in talks/demos of the time period
with appropriate attire. Have taught 63 new blacksmiths the basics of this craft as of August 1, 2012.

 1.  Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson retreat home, Lynchburg: July 4, 2009, 2010, 2011
 2.  Callands Festival/Callands/Oct. 2009
 3.  Has talked/demonstrated in period attire numerous times in the past at Patrick Henry's
 last home Red Hill (near Brooknell). 
 4.  Demonstrated at other events in VA and NC.

5.  Point of Honor in Lynchburg, VA on Oct 10th 2009
6. Appomattox Farm Festival in Oct. 2009, 2010 & 2011
 7. Clover Hill Village 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
 8. Gave two week-end classes to beginners blacksmiths at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts (2011)
 9. Batteau Festival in Lynchburg, VA  2012

         Portable Forge
                                                  Mulberry Forge 
Charlie Boothe
                                              Nathalie, Virginia

                                                  Custom orders (Yes)
     Charlie specializes in real precision hand-forged work.
     1. Heritage Festival/Halifax/May
     2. Callands Festival/Callands/Oct
     3. He has demonstrated at numerous events in VA/NC in the past including Red Hill, Patrick
Henry's last home.
     4. Appomattox Farm Festival on Oct 10th and 11th.(2009 & 2010)
     5. Clover Hill Village  2009,2010

      Portable Forge
                                       Iron from the Fire Blacksmith Shop and Forge     
                                       Charlie Hanks
                                       Lynch Station, Virginia

                                                    Custom Orders (Yes)
     Charlie specializes in making candle stands and holders amongst many other things.

     1.  Charlie demonstrates and sells a couple times a year for different events at the Sedalia
Center between Bedford and Big Island.

         Portable Forge
                                         Buford Hodges
                                         Boones Mill, Virginia

                                                      Custom Orders (No)

     2008 was Buford's first year demonstrating to the public.

     1. Hit & Miss Engine Show/Meadows of Dan/May
     2. Southwest Virginia Antique Farm Days/Rocky Mount/June
     3. Clover Hill Village



                                                                Portable Forge
                                                              *Professional Blacksmith* 
                                               Gerald Boggs                                        
                                               Wayfarer Forge www.wayfarerforge.com
                                               Afton, Virginia

                                                               Custom Orders (Yes)

    Gerald is our newest Professional in our group. He enjoys making large Iron
projects (gates,stairwells, etc.)

    1. He has demonstrated in the past at different crafts shows in his area and other architectural
and historical organizations across the country.

                                                             Portable Forge   
                                                       * Professional Blacksmith*
                                             Billy Phelps
                                             456 Flowlers Ferry Rd
                                             Woodlawn, Virginia 24381

                                                            Custom Orders (Yes)

     Billy is the most requested Blacksmith for public demonstrations in our group. He has been
doing it for over 30 years and knows how to put on a show. He loves to make small
animals/fish of metal for the public in his demonstrations and he is very entertaining. He also
demonstrates/teaches to other Blacksmithing organizations.

     The number of places where he has demonstrated are to numerous to list but here are some:

  1. Blue Ridge Folk Life Festival/Ferrum, VA/Oct
  2. National Mall (Smithsonian Folklife Festival)/Washington DC
  3. Dixie Classic/Dixie Classic Fairgrounds/Winston Salem, NC/ Oct.
  4. Mabry Mill/Meadows of Dan, VA

                                                       Portable Forge
                                                    Tom Harrell
                                                    Timberville, VA
                                                    Custom Work (No)

1. Tom is a volunteer blacksmith at the Plain District Memorial Museum in downtown Timberville.
2. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2010

                                                       Portable Forge
                                       Bryan Fritts
Firewerk2 Forge
                                       Blue Ridge, VA 24064
                                       Custom orders: Yes (both traditional & fabricated)
Demonstrated at:
1. Explore Park, Roanoke, VA  
2. Wysong Blacksmith Shop, Fincastle VA
3. Craig County Heritage Days, New Castle, VA
4. Rainbow Forest Baptist Church, Blue Ridge, VA
5. American Welding Society, Salem & Roanoke, VA

                                                       Portable equipment for coppersmithing
                                                             Randy Cox 
                                              China Grove, NC
                                              704-788-3197 ext 552

                                                             Custom Orders (yes) Coppersmith

Randy is learning blacksmithing but he is an accomplished coppersmith with a whole lot of
artistic talent and has demonstrated his skills at many public events in NC and VA and
also demonstrated to  blacksmithing groups.


                                                                        Blake Gilbert
                                                                        6730 Blue Sky Lane
                                                                        Dublin, VA 24084
1. Clover Hill Village (first demo on April 10, 2010)
2. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2010 & 2011

                                                                        Justin Gilbert
                                                                        6730 Blue Sky Lane
                                                                        Dublin, VA 24084
1. Clover Hill Village (first demo on April 10, 2010)
2. Appomattox Railroad Festival 2010 & 2011

                                                                   Wendell Wyland
                                                                   147 Apple Way
                                                                    Madison Heights, VA 24569
1. Clover Hill Village (first demo on April 10, 2010
2. Appomattox rail road festival in Oct. 2010 & 2011


                                       Professional Blacksmith and VP of Education for ODBSA
Clay Hill Forge www.clayhillforge.com
                                               Dale Morse
                                               Charlottesville, Virginia
Custom work (Yes)

     Dale is a full time Professional Master Blacksmith and he also teaches other Blacksmiths at
different well known Blacksmithing Schools. He also has his own Blacksmithing School called
The Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing ( http://vablacksmithing.org )

     1. Has demonstrated at different events for over 30 years and most recently demonstrated at
Booker T. Washington National Monument where he first started.


Peays's Blacksmithing
                                                   Michael Peay
                                                   Roanoke, VA
                                                   Custom Orders: Yes

Michael is Journeyman Blacksmith that enjoys all aspects of this craft.

1. Michael was employed for two years as a Blacksmith for Exployer Park near Roanoke.
2. He has demonstrated to various other youth groups in the area.




                                             *Professional Blacksmith*
                                                        Jerry Darnell
                                                        Mill Creek Forge
                                                       4512 Busbee Road
                                                       Seagrove, NC 27341
                                                       Custom Orders (YES)

1. Jerry has done numerous public demonstrations over the years but now he concentrates on teaching blacksmithing at different Blacksmithing Schools across the country and doing demonstrations to blacksmithing groups and blacksmithing conferences. 


                                                   Richard Bartelt
                                                   Appomattox, Virginia

                                                                    Custom Orders (No)

     He enjoys teaching people the Blacksmithing Craft.
     Volunteer blacksmith demonstrator on most Mondays in the summer time at historic
Clover Hill Village near Appomattox.
1. Demonsrtated at Clover Hill Village 2009,(2010, 2011, 2012)
2. Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox, 2012

                                             * Professional Blacksmith*
                                              Foothill Trades
                                              Jim Slining
                                              Stuart Draft, Virginia

                                              Custom orders (Yes)

     Jim is a full time Professional Master Blacksmith. His specialty is Historic reconstruction.
He has taught/demonstrated at many National Blacksmithing events, local Blacksmithing
group events and worked 10 years as a Journeyman blacksmith for Colonial Williamsburg.
 In 2008 he has been
helping at James Madison home Montpelier in their metal wares. He has also made things for
Thomas Jefferson Poplar Forest

     1. He has demonstrated at Montpelier and 10 years in the Anderson Blacksmith shop at
Colonial Williamsburg.

                                               Ole Catawba Mountain Blacksmith
                                               Rick Martin
                                               Salem, Virginia

                                               Custom Orders (No)
  1. Rick has just started demonstrating to the public

                                           Missy & Wally Coates
                                            Pfafftown, NC (near Winston Salem)
                                           Custom Work (No)

     Missy & Wally are relatively new to Public Demonstrations. Missy had helped demonstrate at the blacksmithing shop at the  Dixie Classic in NC in 2007.

     1.They are considering demonstrating in September 2009 at the Apple Festival in Historic
Bethabara Park in Winston Salem, NC.

                                                 Ted Crockett
Lynchburg, VA
                                                  Custom Work (No)

Ted is a volunteer blacksmith at the Clover Hill Historic Village near Appomattox, VA.

                                                    Eric Bourhill
Calaway, VA
                                                    Custom Work (No

1. Demonstrated at Booker T. Washington National Monument.
2. Demonstrated at the Southwest Virginia Antique Farm Days/Rocky Mount/June